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Wool WinderWool Winder

Winding hanked yarn into a ball has never been easier with this new gadget from Knit Pro. Easy to use and can be adjusted to fit most worktops. This will enable you to use the handle whilst the winder is kept in place.

code 10941


DPN TubeDPN Tube

Set of 3 tubes - 2 with slots and 1 without slot - to store DPN's of all sizes as the tubes move up and down enabling storage of short and long needles.
Rigid, telescopic paper tubes made using embossed paper with golden leatherette look.
The perfect solution to protect your knitting project.

code 10771

Red Knitting DollyRed Knitting Dolly

Red plastic knitting dolly makes an ideal gift. Complete with instructions and stick.

Code 20811

Symfonie Wood Knitting DollySymfonie Wood Knitting Dolly

An attractive yet pratical knitting dolly in Lilac wood. Complete with instructions and stick.

Code 20810

Aluminium Stitch HoldersAluminium Stitch Holders

Set of 3 - large 6.5 "; medium 4.5"; small 3.25"

code 45502

Aluminium Cable NeedlesAluminium Cable Needles

Set of 2 - size 2.5mm and 4mm

Code 45501

Aluminium Cable Needles - LargeAluminium Cable Needles - Large

Set of 2 - size 6mm and 8mm

Code 45503

Interchangeable Needle StandInterchangeable Needle Stand

Clear Acrylic needle tip display holder/sizer for all Knit-Pro interchangeable needles from size 3mm to 12mm.

Code 10770

View SizerView Sizer

Handy, simple, clear.This view sizer also features a tension gauge.

Code 10701

Needle GaugesNeedle Gauges

Handy needle gauges

code 10991 - Ivy
code 10992 - Envy

ID Tags for Interchangeable NeedlesID Tags for Interchangeable Needles

12 plastic markers to keep track of your needle sizes when knitting.Each has a different size stamped on it, both in European and American sizes.

Code 10702

Row CountersRow Counters

A pack of 2 useful row counters to put onto your knitting needle.

Blue - for sizes 2mm to 5mm
Red - for sizes 4.5mm to 6.5mm

code 10816

Also available as single packs

Small - code 10812
Large - code 10813

Point ProtectorsPoint Protectors

A pack of 4 plastics protectors for knitting needles.

Light blue - for sizes 2mm to 5mm
Pink - for sizes 4.5mm to 10mm

code 10810

Also available as separate packs

Code 10814 (set of 2 small protectors)
Code 10815 (set of 2 large protectors)

Symfonie Wood Cable NeedlesSymfonie Wood Cable Needles

Set of 3 notched cable needles in sizes 3.25mm, 4mm, 5.5m.Made from the same beautiful compressed dyed Birch as the other wooden needles in the Symfonie range.

Code 20501

Symfonie Wood Shawl PinSymfonie Wood Shawl Pin

A simple, elegant shawl pin.The unfussy shape shows the colouring to it's best effect.

Code 10740

Buttons Symfonie WoodButtons Symfonie Wood

Knit Pro 10 pack Button Packs in a range of sizes and styles

top left - Tapered Bar Button available in 35mm code 21101; 50mm code 21102; 60mm code 21103

top right - Curved Tile Button available in 25mm code 21104; 36mm 21105; 42mm code 21106

bottom left - Flat Oval Button in 23mm code 21112

bottom right - Standard Toggle in 31mm code 21111

Buttons Symfonie Wood - contButtons Symfonie Wood - cont

Knit Pro 10 pack buttons

top left - Curved Triangle Button available in 25mm code 21115; 40mm code 21116

top right - Curved Round Button available in 34mm code 21113; 44mm code 21114

bottom - Flat Round Button available in 18mm code 21107; 23mm code 21108; 28mm code 21109; 34mm code 21110

Lilac Range ButtonsLilac Range Buttons

Knit Pro Lilac 10 pack buttons. It is the same high quality of multi coloured Birch Wood but mainly Lilac, Brown and Beige shades.

left - Curved Tile Button available in:-
25mm code 21134; 36mm code 21135;
42mm code 21136

right - Tapered Bar Button available ins:- 35mm code 21131; 50mm code 21132;
60mm code 21133

Lilac Buttons - contLilac Buttons - cont

left - Curved Round Button available ins; 34mm code 21143; 44mm code 21144

right - Curved Triangle Button available in: 25mm code 21145; 40mm code 21146

More Lilac Buttons - contMore Lilac Buttons - cont

top left - Standard Toggle available in
31mm code 21141

top right - Flat Oval Button availabe in 23mm code 21142

bottom - Flat Round Button available in: 18mm code 21137; 23mm code 21138; 28mm code 21139; 34 mm code 21140

Bead Stitch markers - 10931Bead Stitch markers - 10931

Set of 7 Orange Lily beaded markers

code 10931

Bead Stitch markers - 10932Bead Stitch markers - 10932

Set of 7 Midnight Beauty beaded markers

code 10932

Bead Stitch markers - 10933Bead Stitch markers - 10933

set of 7 Bluebell markers

code 10933

Bead Stitch markers - 10934Bead Stitch markers - 10934

Set of 7 Tangerine markers

Code 10934

Bead Stitch markers - 10935Bead Stitch markers - 10935

Set of 7 Amaryllis markers

Code 10935

Bead Stitch markers - 10936Bead Stitch markers - 10936

Set of 7 Holly markers

code 10936

Bead Stitch markers - 10937Bead Stitch markers - 10937

Set of 7 Amaranth markers

code 10937

Locking Stitch MarkersLocking Stitch Markers

A pack of 30 purple and green Locking Stitch Markers in a handy little pouch. Ideal to use at Home or on the move.

Code 10805

Split Stitch Ring MarkersSplit Stitch Ring Markers

A pack of 30 purple and green Split Stitch Markers in a handy little pouch.

Code 10804

Ring Stitch Markers - hard plasticRing Stitch Markers - hard plastic

A pack of 50 green and purple ring markers.
There are 10 large 16.5mm; 20 medium 10mm and 20 small 6mm.
All in a handy little pouch.

Code 10801

Tapestry Needle SetTapestry Needle Set

A Set of 2 green and 2 purple Tapestry Needles.

They are made of a sturdy plastic in 2 lengths - green approx 9 cms and purple approx 8 cms.

Code 10806

Magma Chart KeepersMagma Chart Keepers

Great for organising complicated patterns such as Fair Isle, Intarsia, or Lace.
Two sizes: Small : 17.5cm x 26.25cm (open 35 x 26.25cm) & Large : 25cm x 30cm (open 50 x 30cm)
Each set includes 3 small magnets, 1 long place marker magnet, and a pen.

Large: 10730
Small: 10731

Magnet Replacement Set for Chart KeepersMagnet Replacement Set for Chart Keepers

code 10921

A Set of 2 large and small magnets

Aqua Sock BlockersAqua Sock Blockers

New Aqua sock blockers made of a durable plastic. Comes in a pack of 2 and available in 3 sizes.

Small - EU sizes 35.0 - 37.5
Medium - 38.0 - 40.0
Large - 41.0 +

Small - 10830
Medium - 10829
Latge - 10828

Pom Pom Maker - Rejoice Pom Pom Maker - Rejoice

Code 10871

Set of 4 - 3.5cm; 5.5cm 7.0 cm; 9.0 cm)

Pom Pom Makers - NirvanaPom Pom Makers - Nirvana

Code 10863

New Nirvana Pom Pom makers

Set of 2 - 3.5cm & 4.5cm

Pom Pom Maker - NirvanaPom Pom Maker - Nirvana

Code 10864

Set of 2 - 6.5cm & 8.5cm

Fun for Kids Craft KitFun for Kids Craft Kit

Kit contains - Pair of stainless steel scissors; pair of Straight Flair knitting needles size 4.5mm x 18cm; Knitting Dolly with stick; Grey Aluminium Crochet Hook size 4.5mm: plastic Tapestry Needles; Measuring Tape.
All in a handy plastic bag with handles.

code 20622

Comby Sampler Set IComby Sampler Set I

An ideal set for those who wish to try different samples of Interchangeable tips.

Contains 1 pair of Symfonie wood 5mm; 1 pair Nova Metal 4mm; 1 pair Spectra Flair 6mm and a 60 and 100cm cables plus end caps, cable keys an needle case.

code 20621

Welcome to Viridian  > KNIT PRO > Knit-Pro Accessories