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Eucalan's No Rinse Delicate Wash is suitable for all natural and synthetic fibres and is scented with essential oils.
There are 5 fragrances available in 4 sizes:-

The Jug (4 Litres which is approx. 760 hand washes)
500ml bottle (approx, 95 hand washes)
100ml bottle (approx. 20 hand washes)
5ml sachet - one wash

Lavender, Euclayptus, Grapefruit, Wrapture - Jasmine and Natural Unscented. All enriched with lanolin to help keep your clothes conditioned and static free.

The 'Jug'The 'Jug'

The 'Jug' contains 1 gallon/4 litres and you will get approx, 760 hand washes. We are selling the jug singlely in any of the 5 scents.

Also available is a pump to ease the dispensing. Please ask for details and code is PMPJUG

500ml Bottle500ml Bottle

500ml bottles, you will get approx. 95 hand washes.

Each fragrance is packed 12 to a case but we will 'mix' the scents if you require.

Also available is a pump which will dispense the correct amount of Eucalan for one wash. Please ask for details and code is PMPLG

100ml Bottle100ml Bottle

100ml bottle, you will get approx. 20 hand washes. Remember that if you are travelling by air this size can be carried in your hand luggage!

Eash fragrance is packed 12 to a case but we will 'mix' them if you require.

5ml sachets5ml sachets

5ml sachets for a handy on the go use and an excellent choice for travelling!

Packed in boxes of 50 or will mix 25/25.

Wipes and Lint RemoversWipes and Lint Removers

These 'cute' little sachets contain a single wipe for On the Go clothing care! Ideal to carry in your handbag or pocket!

10 to a pack

And the same for the Lint Removers - a handy carry anywhere pack contains 20 pieces of sticky paper, which quickly and easily remove any fluff, hairs or pet hairs from fabrics.


Eucalyptus is Eucalan's original scent and was introduced in 1989. It is a natural moth and flea inhibitor, so use it regularly on woolens especially before storing them away. The lanolin helps to conditon and keep the static to a minimum.
Excellent for any woolens, lingerie, jackets, swimwear and baby clothes. Good choice for men!


Lavender is a natural defense against moths and fleas. Has antiseptic properties and has a calming, relaxing and uplifting scent. Excellent for wool and other natural fibres and for storing garments away for a period of time. Again for washing pets and their bedding (remember its a natural flea inhibitor!)
Excellent for lingerie, sports wear and baby blankets and bedding.


Grapefruit is a natural antiseptic and has disinfecting properties. Has a refreshing and uplifting scent. Great for wool and most other natural fibres but does not contain moth inhibiting properties. Perfect for synthetic fibres such as lingerie and sports wear.

Natural, UnscentedNatural, Unscented

No added scents so is the best choice for those with scent sensitivites. Great for wool and most other natural fibres but does not contain moth inhibiting properties. Works well on synthetic fibres. An excellent choice for men!

Wrapture - JasmineWrapture - Jasmine

Eucalan's latest edition is Wrapture, infused with the benefical essential oil of Night Bloom Jasmine. Jasmine oil is a natural antiseptic making it perfect fror your delicate fabrics. Like all Eucalan Wrapture contains lanolin to naturally condition fibres and keep static at bay.

Welcome to Viridian  > EUCALAN > PRODUCTS